Dr Peter Russhard FIET CEng


  • Pete worked for Rolls-Royce for 36 years in the Instrumentation Research department and has been responsible for the design of many signal conditioning and telemetry systems currently in use at Rolls-Royce.
  • He has an Engineering Doctorate in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Manchester and has specialised for a number of years in the area of rotor blade vibration measurement beginning with the development digital telemetry systems in the early 1980’s .This led on to technologies such as E strip, FM grids, over tip pressures and for a number of years he has been a leading developer and contributor to the field of Blade Tip Timing technology.
  • Pete is a regular presenter of papers at the EV-GTI and PIWG conferences who specialise in gas turbine instrumentation solutions. He has 10 patents granted or pending in the field of Blade Tip Timing analysis and telemetry systems. He is currently a voting member of the ISA 107.1 standards committee for the development of Blade Tip Timing standards.
  • Pete is a regular presenter at the ISA conferences with over 10 published papers. He has also presented 2 papers at ASME and was a member of a panel committee discussing blade tip timing technologies and their capabilities alongside all of the large gas turbine OEM’s. Recent papers include new blade tip timing algorithms for data extraction at the IET in London and as a Keynote speaker at Vetomac X at Manchester University.