MultiTool V4.0.0 Release and YouTube channel update

Today we have released version 4 of MultiTool.

This release brings new features in the Acquisition for generating a Once Per Rev signal from the probe signals with both hardware and software solutions. We still recommend a physical OPR but these new features provide options where either fitting an OPR is not possible or the existing one has failed. We also have the ability to generate an OPR after the test from the recorded probe data. There is a YouTube video covering this functionality so please check it out. If you have an update subscription then download the software here.

We have added the ability to calculate the best axial position for the probes into the Editor. If you have a design sublicense for probe placement then this is included for free. The file format for the mode shape data is published in the Editor manual and a demo file is available in the downloads section.  There is a YouTube video covering this new functionality so please check it out.

Bug fixes and enhancements.

YouTube Channel Update

We have also released some tutorial videos onto our YouTube Channel. Due to the current situation we will not be travelling for training sessions so the aim is to cover the basic operation of the software, pointing out features and functionality that even existing users may have missed. Feel free to head over and take a look.

Update – The demo files used in the videos are available from the downloads section.

Be safe.